Truss & stages


12 x 9m, 9m height with wings for hanging sound 1

9 x 6m, 7m height with wings for hanging sound 1


MOVECAT payload 1000kg 4m/sec chain length 12m, EC and TUV 4

RAMP 9m on mobile towers height 6m 2


The stage  (famous German manufacturer BÜTEC) is modular and is formed from the 2x1m elements. The stage is TUW attested by a certificate on the load capacity of 1,500 kg load per element. Height, depending on the needs, can be adjusting from 30 – 150 cm. It is made from the highest quality anodized aluminum and plywood with waterproof protective surface that prevents slipping and provides maximum security for contractors. The modular concept allows for endless combinations: a classical concert stage in levels, catwalks, desktop for DJs, raised flooring for trade show displays, presentation of the cars and the like. Because of the waterproof material, can be assembled into pools. With a stage we mounted modular staircase with railings.