Miss Kittin 19.4. u Beogradu: Martin audio kao preferenca

Miss Kittin nastupa u Depou 19. aprila nakon šest godina. Publici će predstaviti novi album “Calling From The Stars“. Za ovaj dogadjaj sačinjena je i rider lista na koju je jedino Audio Konstruktor mogao da odgovori (u prilogu). Pročitajte više u najavi: http://www.b92.net/kultura/vesti.php?nav_category=271&yyyy=2013&mm=03&dd=25&nav_id=698359

* MONITORS: No plastic monitoring please such as JBL. I like Martin Audio, Turbosound or similar. Monitors must be connected to the mixer in order to be controlled by the DJ himself. While singing, I turn the monitors down to avoid feedback, so please make it happen, even on big stages or festivals. Best if the monitors are installed to a human level (on stands for example), not in the sky or on the floor, not 10 meters away. Monitors at close distance = no high volume = good sound = no deaf DJ = happy promoter!

* DJ BOOTH: Keep it clean and safe: this is our home! Light on the decks and space: nobody can work in the dark or in a cupboard! No crazy people in there at any time, unless they are invited. Nobody near in the first 15mn. The first minutes of a set are crucial. A security person must be available in case of chaos. No performers or MC. This is all in everybody’s interest, trust me! It will be fun anyway!

* ON THE DANCEFLOOR If possible, avoid intense fog machine use, like in small places. It dries the air and makes me caught when I sing… Don’t laugh! Strob is also not very comfortable when you have to DJ for at least 2h.