Martin Audio CDD Live presentation in Serbia

 The first Martin Audio CDD Live presentation in Serbia took place at the M Studio of the radio and television station of Vojvodina (RTV) 25.1.2017. More:

We chose this space for the following qualities: RTV is a Public broadcast service in Vojvodina (Serbia) and a member of EBU; the M Studio is their representative and well known facility, with excellent acoustics and great capacities. Every couple of years they host a major broadcasting fair – the sound recording competition in the region of Tactons where we also promote and present Martin Audio products. They are well known within professional circles for prioritizing great sound and pristine equipment within their production.

The attendance was high, and the auditorium enjoyed all of the segments of the presentation. The design and power emanating from the CDD Live series fascinated all and got them not only to thinking and asking questions, but also to doubting the systems they currently use. 

Next week we will be holding another presentation, this time in Belgrade, at the “Mixer House“. Mikser  is a multidisciplinary platform that encourages the development of the creative economy of the country and the region. It presents a new concept of the cultural institution, which connects cultural, educational, and commercial activities in a multifunctional space. They are also organizers of Mikser Festival  aims to explore the social concepts with which citizens and creative professionals can influence current social processes to improve the quality of everyday life . 

We are expecting a bigger crowd because of the creative and economic potentials of the capital city.